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I build websites

I also design things like logos, printed pieces and tradeshow graphics, but I spend most of my work time crafting nice semantic markup, responsive css, and obsessing over things like user experience and web accessibility. To me and my trusty code editor, the page you're looking at right now might look like this:

source code

This part of the code fetches the latest news article and displays the title, date and summary. My editor adds the pretty colors to help me distinguish the moving parts. Look to the right to see the result. This is my world.

Latest News site Relaunch

I just published a major re-write of Brad Vanneman’s website. Brad is a sculptor that has done a lot of commercial work for Lenox & Franklin Mint, as well as larger private and corporate commissions (some of which you may recognize from the Wilmington area).

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Trail Map

Looking for my trail map?

I created this free map to help navigate the 30+ miles of trails connecting White Clay Creek S.P., Middle Run Park and Redd Park in northwestern Delaware.

Go to the map page to download.